Book of Prayer

Book of Prayer – Josh Daniel

We start the day as language lovers must / comma spliced / curved beneath sheets / you turn to
face me / and I’m shocked again / by your choice / to choose this / choose me / your nut-brown
eyes / your Monroe hips / I can’t help but place / into every poem and prayer / our future children
will always hear / laughter leaking from our room / and suddenly we’re forty / up early / trying to
take erotic advantage / of the purple hush / of dawn / tiny fists begin knocking on the door / our
little tyrant / all knees and hair / gently curling like your own / I want the kid-interruptions / and
soccer practice / I want the bruised knees / I want you all to myself / not like Bluebeard / locked
away and mourning / I want the world to see / to know / the good news of you / I’ll evangelize /
and memorialize / I’ll John the Baptist you / I’ll 40-day fast / Stained-glass reminder you / steeple
promise / cross-bear you / Sacramental devour you / in the name of all that is holy / your lips to
mine / amen