Poem for a Chattanooga Nightclub, Summer 2017

Poem for a Chattanooga Night Club, Summer 2017 – Tyler Friend


i’m sitting here at a gay bar in the south & this queen is performing

& she’s dressed like a jeanie & her name is Glistening Goddess


& after the show she comes over to our table & thanks us for coming

& i’m sharing my hushpuppies with a girl in a short short dress


& Goddess says they’re microwaved & I shouldn’t eat them

but I want to & to my left is a man on a wooden pole 


or more like a column really, like structurally significant

& he’s drinking a bud light, but to my right


is a blond woman with an undercut

& her boyfriend & a confederate flag tattoo 


on her shoulder & there’s smoke in the air 

& the sign outside says no loitering by order of the police