Me, too

Me, too – Samantha Singleton


5: He’d whisper, there’s a monster behind the couch

in the bedroom, and then ignore the widening

of my eyes as the curled strings of my hair

moved with the shaking of my head:

Help me find it?


9: Just try it, she said, her fingers moving on

the seam of his jeans while he looked on,

pleasantly enjoying the view of girls

a little less than half his age,

He’ll give you soda.


14: I really like you, he said, his hand

gripping the back of my neck,

tightening his grip as I tried

to move away from him,

you’ll like me too.


17: I knew better than to look, but here it was,

lit screen, You dumb bitch. I can’t believe

you’d fall asleep before I had the

chance to call, why the fuck

are you so stupid?


19: You’re gay? He said it with a laugh, like he

had other plans. And maybe he did, because

not long after, cleaning the pool, I felt

the imprint of his fingers sweeping

across the line of my bathing suit.


21: Those pants look really good on you,

and even though I flashed the ring I

bought for $5 from the antique

store, he insisted this was

only a challenge.


25: I need extra tutoring from you,

he said, blue eyes earnest, but

soon after, coffee shops

turned to questions

I’d never answer


29: Social media phenomenon, and, a week after,

he broke her fingers while she kept him from

becoming a disc on the interstate, cars

flying by as he threatens

to open the door.